Phara's Mediterranean Cuisine and Christopher's Casbah
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Phara's ..main entrance.
Phara's ... main entrance.

Phara's at night.

The main dinning room.

Phara's Photo
Our patio is the perfect laidback dining experience.
Phara's Photo
Phara's and Christopher's Casbah

Inside Christopher's Casbah. 1

Inside Christopher's Casbah. 2
Inside Christopher's Casbah. 3
Inside Christopher's Casbah. 4
Inside Christopher's Casbah. 5
The Sultan's Lounge 1 (low seating)
The Sultan's Lounge 2
The Courtyard at night
The Old Gazebo 1
The Old Gazebo 2
Phara's Photo
The Famous Lamb Shank.

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Fresh Salad.

Phara's Photo
The Mazze plate

Phara's Photo

Come visit us with your family and friends for some gourmet dining skillfully prepared by Chef Tenzin.